Brow Lamination Kit - NEW

$65 $75

Brow Lamination is specifically formulated with a different pH than our Curl Five lash lift. The brow lamination procedure is extremely popular and a very easy addon to your existing lash business. 

The kit includes a full-size pump of 5 ml for Lift, Set, and Conditioning as well as brow adhesive. The airless pump technology will keep the solutions fresh and free from contamination.


 Do not use if there are any cuts abrasions burnt or broken skin in the eyebrow area

  1. Any eyebrow shaping should be done after the procedure
  2. Do not use any peels or scrubs before treatment
  3. Henna should not be used until at least 24 hours post-treatment.

Preparation - Apply Brow Adhesive

Make sure brows are clean and free from any products. Cleanse the brow area using an oil-free cleanser or micellar water.

  1. Brush the brows using a mascara wand.
  2. Apply a thin coat of the brow adhesive
  3. Slowly and carefully straighten the brow hairs setting them in the desired direction with the mascara brush or comb.

 Step 1 - Brow Lift Lotion #1

  1. Apply a thin coat of brow lift to the Brows with a micro brush. If you want the brows to be set in a certain direction after the procedure then apply closer to the roots. If you want to soften thick, wiry brows browse or to straighten curly brows, then apply to the entire brows.
  2. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the thickness and density of the brow hairs.
    • Fine hair - 10 minutes
    • Normal hair - 12 minutes
    • Thick hair  - 12 to 15 minutes
  1. When time is up, carefully remove the brow lift from the brows with a dry cotton pad. Remove following the direction of the hair.

 Step 2 - Brow Setting Lotion #2

  1. Apply the Brow Setting Lotion using a lint-free applicator and leave on for 10 minutes, depending on the thickness and density at the brow hair. 
  2. Carefully remove Brow Setting Lotion with a dry cotton pad.
  3. Carefully remove any remaining brow adhesive from the brows using a damp cotton pad.

 Optional Step - Tint *but no henna for 24 hours*

  1. Tint eyebrows using a professional eyebrow tint.
  2. Follow the directions of the tint and then remove tint with clean lint-free applicators
  3. Remove any remaining tint with damp cotton pads.

 Step 3 - Apply Lash Deep Conditioning Lotion #3

  1. Apply brow deep conditioning lotion to the entire brows and leave on to soak into the browse for a few minutes.
  2. Do not wash off or remove.

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