8D LONG Stem Pre-Made Fan Lashes .03

SKU: 805046001001

Curl: C
Length: MIX
Sale price$42.50

Looking for Fast Volume or Hybrid sets? These are the simplest method and require no volume training.  The longer stem will make application and retention much better and faster. 

Our Volume Fans are hand-made that are heat bonded at the base, so there is no additional weight on the client's lashes.

There are 400 Fans per box which will enough for 3 Full Sets.

There are 20 fans per row, so we recommend turning your lash tiles sideways to accommodate a full row, or just lash right from the box. 


  • Diameter: 0.03 mm thick at the base
  • Lashes per Fan: 8 heat-bonded lashes per fan
  • 400 fans per tray
  • Heat Bonded Fans
  • Eco-Friendly packaging

Lash Artist Level: Beginner to Professional

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