Finding the best tweezers for lash extensions can be a difficult task!  We have a great selection of professional eyelash extension tweezers and lash lift picks.  To select the perfect tweezer, we always recommend first identifying what you need them for.  Always have a backup pair of tweezers because there is nothing worse than dropping your tweezers in the middle of a new set and not being able to finish!

Beginner Tweezers: Don't invest in the most expensive tweezers yet!  Would you buy a Ferrari if you just learned how to drive?  Start with the classic Crane and Curve tweezer.

Isolating Tweezers: Isolating tweezers can be anything you like that will help you isolate one lash at a time. We recommend the Curve tweezer or the Diamond Curve tweezer.  Some lash artists like to use the long and narrow straight tweezers.  

Volume Tweezers: Volume tweezer are used to create Russian Volume fans.  The favourites in our store are the Diamond Volume tweezer or the Rose Gold Volume tweezer.

Mega Volume Tweezers:  You can use any of the volume tweezers, but some lash artists have found great success using the Crane tweezer to create mega volume fans.

Easy Fan Tweezers: For making the Easy Fan volume lashes, we recommend any of the volume tweezers or the L Volume Tweezer.

Cleaning: To clean your tweezers, we recommend using a chemical sterilizer, like Preempt, to thoroughly clean them.  Alternatively, you can use alcohol to clean your tweezers.  Fully submerge them in a sanitation tray, for 10 minutes, then scrub with antibacterial soap and let dry.

Storage: NEVER store your tweezers on the tips.  We recommend a tweezer stand or a tweezer case.  Never put away tweezers without disinfecting them first.



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