Lash Supplies


Cleaning Lashes

Did you know the secret to great retention is to clean your client's lashes before applying lash extensions?  In recent years, lash artists have noticed a significant increase in retention by vigorously cleaning lashes with a lash brush, and then rinsing with distilled water, saline solution, or even just plain tap water.  Try our reusable water bottle specially designed for rinsing lashes, and our lash cleansing brushes along with our lash shampoo!

Under Eye Protection

Gel pads are a great option to place under client's eyelashes, instead of just tape.  Gel pads will moisturize your clients under eye skin, while at the same time providing protection from your tweezers, and protecting lower lashes from popping out.

Lip Masks

Want to have your client stay more still?  A lip mask is a fantastic treatment that your clients are sure to enjoy, while at the same time keeping them very still.



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