Lash Extensions

Professional Eyelash Extensions come in various lengths, curls, and thicknesses. All our lashes are vegan lashes, cruelty-free, and have not been tested on animals.  Our lashes are tested by multiple lash artists, including brand ambassadors and the Lashes By Design Beauty boutique. 

Materials: Lashes also come in a variety of materials. 
Mink Lash, Cashmere Lash, Sable Lash:  No longer from real animal fur (that is gross!).  Mink refers to individual lashes, like classic lashes. Cashmere is another word used to describe this kind of lash. You may also find other words to describe these lashes, like sable, or even silky mink! They are all made from PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate Chemical compound), a form of plastic that is now widely used in the lash industry.
Ellipse Lashes and Flat Lashes: Ellipse lashes are sometimes called Flat Lashes.  The base of the lash is not round, but rather Elliptical.  The retention of Ellipse Lashes is better than a classic lash because there is a groove in the base that wraps around the natural lash which creates a stronger bond.  These are available in .15 and .20 thickness.
Silk: Our Silk collection is also made from synthetic fibres that keep their curl. They are beautifully dark at the base and more natural at the tip.  We use a special tape that makes it very easy to use any Russian Volume Lash technique.
Easy Fan: Easy fan lashes are made from the same lashes as volume, but they have a darker appearance and they are designed to stay together at the base so you don't need any Volume training to use them.  
Pre-Made Volume Fans: Premade Volume fans also do not require any Volume training.  They are heat bonded, so they have no additional weight than regular lashes, but they are already pre-fanned on the strip.
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