Lash Extension Adhesives: Lash Lift Adhesives are created to permanently bond lash extensions to the natural lash.  They are all professional use only and should not be used for strip lashes, cluster lashes, or flares.  All of our lash glues are low fumed and can be used for classic or volume lashes.  The adhesives are latex free, formaldehyde free, and are perfect for use in the Canadian marketplace.

Gel Remover and Cream Remover can be used to remove lash extensions.  They should be allowed to process for 2-5 minutes before the removal process.  These are professional use only products.

Lash Primer: We strongly recommend applying lash primer to clean natural lashes before the application of lash extensions.  The Lash Primer will open the lash hair follicles, temporarily dry them, and allow you to have a stronger bond and longer lasting lash extensions

Lash Lift Adhesive:  Water-soluble adhesive that can be used for doing the lash lift procedure.  Wash off the skin with water.  Do not get lashes wet or lash lift will not be as effective.


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